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il y a  jours modern tvs are increasingly slim with less room for speakers, so there's a clear case for boosting their sound. start with a sound bar and then add wireless speakers to build a : home cinema system. for football fans, surround sound takes you from the sofa to the stands so you feel as though you're in the  déc. sound bars take up less space and have fewer wires, but don't sound as good as hometheaterinabox systems, says the audiophiliac.

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if you've ever heard an amazing powered subwoofer, you know it won't fit in a soundbar's cabinet. to compensate, many soundbars come prepaired with a "subwoofer". we may be bass fanatics at svs, but the subwoofer you're getting packaged with a soundbar or a . hometheaterinabox, is not a real  what are the pros and cons of a surround sound system and a sound bar? learn more about how to turn your home into your own personal theater.

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you may already have an idea of which type of home entertainment setup would suit you best, but to help you decide we did some headtohead lab testing to see how sound bars compare with multispeaker home cinema systems for sound quality. we also compared both with the builtin speakers of several tvs, and also  trying to decide between using a sound bar or a home theater system for your home? we've listened to your requests and put together this overview to ease your mind and open your ears to the difference in set up and sound quality. as you know, sound bars are all the rage with their sleek design, easy 

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soundbar sony htct amp pioneer vsx tour taiwan with me: taiwantoursm/ private bit.ly/dxccsr sound bar surround sound: how to choose a home theater soundbar are you looking

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so, i'm brand new to home cinema. i don't have any equipment at this time, and i don't really want to be spending more than £, that includes all cables aswell. so i'm currently deciding between an av reciever/speaker package or soundbar. here is why i want to buy each: av reciever/speaker package  well it truly depends how much you take your experience seriously. home theatre is always an experience which transports you to a theatre like feel in comfort of your home. a . home theatre gives you a complete surround sound i.e. very speaker p

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