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visionaries welcome. in a world where time spent in the company of friends and family can be the greatest luxury of all, imax private theatre™ brings the ultimate entertainment experience into your home. got £ million spare and fancy your own imax? you're in luck. imax private theatre follows dolby in to home cinema territory with an ultra highend solution. if you have about £, ($k) to spare, imax's private theatre division will now build an imax cinema setup in your own home. the entrylevel imax private theatre is the "palais," which starts at about £k for a screening room with up to seats. for your money you get dual k d/d projectors, 

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some argue it's for innovations like imax, but this is a moot point when you can get the imax experience at home on a budget. some argue that's it for things like imax a unique movie experience you just can't get at home. rubbish, i say . or are you still convinced nothing compares to actually going to the cinema? home cinéma imax la technologie imax a révolutionné la manière de voir le cinéma depuis plus de ans. synonyme de qualité d'image et de son ultime, l'immersion dans le film est totale, qu'il soit en d ou en d. apr , . win a year's worth of imax tickets | find a #imaxavengers intheatre display. apr , . an imax original film: pandas | experience the pandamonium near you! mar , . ready player one imax® giveaways. mar , . avengers: infinity war imax® screen vs. standard screen. mar , .

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some athometheater owners in the u.s. have been using prima cinema to get the new movies of some hollywood studios, at the cost of $, a year for a settop box and $ per screening. napster creator sean parker hit a wall recently with his own "day and date" service attempt after top filmmakers  pour s, les particuliers cinéphiles vont pouvoir disposer de leur propre salle de cinéma, grâce à imax private theatre. ce prope presents an exclusive look at the new imax home cinema just completed by london based integration company cornflake. marking a genuine milestone in the industry, getting imax tech into a home setup is not without its challenges, so naturally ce pro was keen to find out and deliver the  une salle de cinéma imax chez soi, c'est tenant possible ! moyennant quelques écus bien sûr ! l'importateur français genesis technologie, spécialiste de la projection haut de gamme est apte à vous proposer l'installation d'une salle de cinéma imax dans votre maison. cette installation comprend 

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